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By working with FirstWord you align your company with the pharmaceutical industry's premier daily news and intelligence service that highlights breaking news stories as well as insight, analysis and views on the top stories and critical issues facing pharma. FirstWord offers your company many creative and targeted ways to reach leading pharmaceutical industry executives.

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 FirstFocus: Hyper target your audience

FirstWord has taken website advertising to a new level by giving your company the opportunity to reach prospects fitting a precise profile. Reach active subscribers by creating a hyper targeted advertising campaign defined by job function, job title, company name, company type and content interest.

By aligning your advertisement based on your criteria, your company has the best chance to capture the reader's interest. Our subscribers average over 5 minutes per viewing session so you can be confident that each ad impression comes from an engaged FirstWord subscriber. FirstWord is the first company in this space to offer this detailed level of hyper targeting, allowing your company the opportunity to pay only for impressions for the people you want to reach to maximize your ROI.

 FirstWord Pharma Newsletter Sponsorship

Get direct access to our readers' inbox with a newsletter banner or text ad sponsorship. FirstWord Pharma's newsletter reaches an audience of 160,000 with two thirds of the group from pharma companies, giving you access to a high volume of quality ad impressions from your target market, not your competitors.

Subscribers rely on daily coverage of top stories, on-going news developments and expert analysis, which translates to a strong open/view rate each day. You can reach the entire subscriber base or target your audience by country and professional area.

 LeadPromise with a FirstWord Perspectives Report Sponsorship

LeadPromise is FirstWord's lead guarantee platform. Get immediate access to leads generated from a FirstWord Perspectives Report Sponsorship. The FirstWord Perspectives Report is a 4-6 page customized report written by FirstWord's editorial team based on your company's field of interest. The report includes 1-2 dedicated pages of your contributed content that highlights your company's mission, offerings and other important information you want to share, allowing readers to see you as a leader in your industry.

Gain leadership, recognition and leads with your sponsorship of a FirstWord Perspectives Report. FirstWord takes charge of the promotion of your report so you can quickly see the LeadPromise results, ensuring you see a maximum return on your investment. The report is promoted through multiple channels, including being highlighted on FirstWord news and report properties as well as email and social media channels.

 Sponsored Headline

Take advantage of the opportunity to promote your company news by integrating your story headline within the FirstWord Pharma newsletter's industry top stories of the day. Whether your company has a new product to announce or an achievement to boast, your headline will be seen by a worldwide audience of over 160,000 pharma professionals. FirstWord subscribers rely on FirstWord's timely news and intelligence, resulting in a strong open rate and your headline receiving thousands of impressions.

Our editorial team assists with creating a catchy newsworthy line that is linked to your site so you can provide the full details of your announcement to readers. This is a chance to be seen as a leader in your industry by getting quick and broad exposure to your announcement.

 Sponsored News Microsite

Take your advertising to the next level by aligning with FirstWord's premier content to create a co-branded microsite that offers your company an opportunity to interact with a community of clients on the topic of your choice. Increase your brand's exposure and gain targeted leads through this unique sponsorship.

Based on your desired focus area, FirstWord creates a robust microsite with fresh relevant content added daily. A weekly newsletter featuring your sponsorship will be launched and promoted to the FirstWord community and social media channels. During your sponsorship you reap FirstWord's LeadPromise rewards by receiving your guaranteed number of leads, giving your company reassurance of its return on the marketing investment.

 Sponsored Email Campaigns

Reach a targeted group of the FirstWord audience with your company's important message without any "ad noise." Simply choose your audience by selecting a combination of criteria: job function, job title, country, company name and company type. The ability to target to this detail allows you to reach exactly who you want to reach. With a global audience of over 160,000 subscribers, with the majority being pharma company professionals, your campaign reaches the demographic you want to ensure a maximum return on your investment.

First Word Advertising provides our brand with the value and selectivity needed to attract our target audience to our ad, incent high levels of interest in reading the ad and support our messaging with the right frequency.
Marketing Director, Trialcard

FirstWord Advertising is a partner that we can always rely on. Their ability to segment a market and then their ability to target a particular audience is always ‘pin point’ accurate, resulting in strong results! FirstWord Advertising is a valued partner who we can trust and recommend!
International Marketing Coordinator, Eyeforpharma

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