AstraZeneca investors express interest in higher Pfizer offer - (Financial Times via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Several of AstraZeneca’s largest investors have indicated they would be willing to accept a better offer from Pfizer than the non-binding 50 pounds a share proposal, Financial Times reported.
  • Their comments followed Pfizer CEO Ian Read's appearance before UK lawmakers and talks with some shareholders to explain the merits of a possible tie-up with AstraZeneca.
  • However AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot said that "this deal is not inevitable," adding that "we have complete confidence in our independent strategy and we are focused on delivering new drugs for patients, which will save lives and in turn will deliver real value for our shareholders."
  • Further, that the UK’s National Health Service has spent nearly 1.2 billion pounds of its 23.8 billion pound primary care budget in the three years to 2013 with AstraZeneca and 1.7 billion pounds with Pfizer.
  • Lord Oakeshott, the senior Liberal Democrat peer who uncovered the figures, said the government should use its spending power to extract more guarantees from Pfizer over jobs and investment.

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