San Diego Firms Tackle Symptoms, Ebola Diagnostics - (San Diego Business Journal via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Leading Biosciences and Genalyte are among the San Diego-based companies developing investigational treatments for Ebola, San Diego Business journal reported Friday.
  • Leading Biosciences' experimental therapy LB1148 can halt multi-function organ failure associated with haemorrhagic, septic and cardiogenic shock.
  • "LB1148 can treat the most critical symptoms of Ebola, and in turn buy time for the patient to fight the virus," said Leading Biosciences chief financial officer Robin Jackman, adding "the human immune system fights off viruses all the time, but the organ failure that happens with Ebola is preventing the patient’s immune system from putting up a fight."
  • Although the company would like to seek accelerated approval of the drug from the FDA, the agency advised the drugmaker to pursue approval through the traditional pathway.
  • Meanwhile, Genalyte stated that it its Maverick diagnostic test that can differentiate Ebola from other diseases that cause fever within 15 minutes.
  • "In Africa, you're testing this large, endemic set of fevers that outbreak in various times of the year," remarked CEO Cary Gunn, adding "the doctor needs a test that will differentiate between them."

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