Personalized drug screening on horizon for multiple myeloma patients - (Science Daily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Study data published in the journal Biomaterials suggest a personalised method for testing the effectiveness of multiple myeloma drugs may predict quickly and more accurately the best treatments for individual patients with the condition, Science Daily reported Friday.
  • "Even before the patient completes all of the MRIs, CT scans and other imaging procedures following diagnosis, we can have a recommendation for which drug and dosage to prescribe," said study lead Kareem Azab, adding "the test results come in three to four days."
  • The method uses 3-D tissue-engineered bone marrow cultures that were developed using myeloma patients' bone marrow samples.
  • Drugs are tested on the remodelled patient cells to determine which treatment is likely to be most effective.
  • "Now we have a drug test that closely replicates what's going on with a patient at any given moment," Azab noted, adding "we think this method has a better chance of working than existing options."
  • Azab has launched a company, Cellatrix, which will begin testing potential therapies on behalf of pharmaceutical companies later this year.

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