Students misusing stimulants more likely to have ADHD - (Breitbart via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Research data published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry suggest that college students who misuse or abuse prescription stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin are more likely to have attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as reported Breitbart Monday.

  • "We know that untreated ADHD is associated with increased risk of alcohol- and drug-use disorders, so it is not surprising that we found high rates of co-occurring ADHD and of stimulant-use and overall substance-use disorders in those misusing stimulants," remarked study author Timothy Wilens.

  • In the study, the investigators assessed 300 college students, 100 of whom were categorised as misusers of stimulants.

  • The research team uncovered that students with a diagnosis of ADHD or symptoms of the disorder were more likely to misuse stimulants.

  • The researchers added that 67 percent of the misusers met the criteria for substance-abuse disorder.

  • "It's possible that pre-existing cognitive deficits may lead some individuals to develop stimulant misuse as they try to self-medicate," Wilens explained, continuing "the extent of an actual stimulant-use disorder in those who misused stimulants at all suggests that this problem may be more prevalent and severe than previously thought."

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