Celltrion doubtful on partnership with Pfizer - (The Korea Times via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Celltrion may be ready to end its partnership with Pfizer to jointly develop and market biosimilars in the US if the latter company decides to not market its products, The Korea Times reported Thursday.

  • "There are quite a large number of big bio pharmaceutical companies that are willing to sell Remsima for us," a Celltrion official stated.

  • Although the companies are expected to introduce Remsima, a biosimilar of Johnson & Johnson's Remicade, in the US this year, it is unclear whether Pfizer plans to exercise its option to launch the therapy in the country.

  • Johnson & Johnson has filed to patent infringement lawsuits against Celltrion, although one has been dismissed in Celltrion's favour.

  • The official refused to name the companies that have expressed interest in co-marketing Remsima, which is currently marketed as Inflectra in Europe, if Pfizer declines to exercise its option.

  •  "Celltrion is in the process of finalizing a launch date [for Remsima]," the official remarked, continuing "we cannot confirm the actual facts in the transcript, but that is not an official statement from Celltrion."

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