Statins may not be used for protection against Parkinson's disease - (ScienceDaily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Research data published in the journal Movement Disorders indicate that statins can increase susceptibility to Parkinson's disease in certain patients, ScienceDaily reported Wednesday.

  • "One of the reasons that may have explained these prior inconsistent results is that higher cholesterol, the main indication to use statins, has been related to lower occurrence of Parkinson's disease," stated study author Xuemei Huang, adding "this made it hard to know if the statin protective effect was due to the drug or preexisting cholesterol status."

  • In the study, the investigators analysed data for more than 50 million people, ultimately identifying 2322 people with newly diagnosed Parkinson's disease.

  • The research team found that prior statin use was linked to an elevated risk of Parkinson's disease, with the risk being most noticeable during the start of treatment.

  • "Our analysis also showed that a diagnosis of hyperlipidaemia, a marker of high cholesterol, was associated with lower Parkinson's disease prevalence, consistent with prior research," remarked study author Guodong Liu, adding "we made sure to account for this factor in our analysis."

  • "We are not saying that statins cause Parkinson's disease, but rather that our study suggests that statins should not be used based on the idea that they will protect against Parkinson's," Huang cautioned.

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