Shire, MicroHealth collaborate to enhance monitoring app for haemophilia patients with inhibitors

Shire announced Friday a collaboration with MicroHealth that will leverage digital technology to provide a monitoring tool for patients with haemophilia A and B with inhibitors. Patty Torr, Shire's head of US Hematology, remarked that "enhancing the existing MicroHealth app with new functionality and resources to address the needs of haemophilia patients with inhibitors is an important innovation for this group of patients."

Aaron Craig, MicroHealth co-founder, said that the MicroHealth app, which was launched in 2011, helps "streamline haemophilia care to produce stronger adherence." Specifically, the app allows patients and carers to "set reminders, track, store and selectively share personal health data, including photos and bleed alerts."

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According to Shire, around 20 percent of haemophilia patients in the US who are on prophylactic treatment use the MicroHealth app.  The company added that a recent 12-month observational study showed that haemophilia A patients who received digital monitoring by their healthcare provider via the app reported bleeding rates that were 57 percent lower than patients without digital monitoring, translating into nearly 3.5 fewer bleeds per year.

Under the collaboration, of which financial terms were not disclosed, Shire said it will help MicroHealth customise the app with "new features and information" specifically for haemophilia patients with inhibitors. Shire noted that it will "not have access to any patient, caregiver or other third-party data."

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