Analyst Notes - Haemophilia B: Major brands may need a messaging overhaul

Haemophilia B: Major brands failing to wow doctors, despite positive feedback

FirstView surveyed 100 haematologists in the US and 150 in the EU5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) to find out how satisfied they are with 6 major drugs used to treat haemophilia B: Alprolix, BeneFIX, Feiba, Idelvion, MonoNine and Rixubis.

The results, available now in FirstView's NPS+ Haemophilia B reports, show that there's plenty of room for improvement.

In the EU5 countries, only one of the surveyed brands earned a positive Net Promoter Score (NPS) - a key indicator of brand health based on respondents' likelihood to recommend each of the surveyed brands to a colleague. The same brands fared somewhat better in the US, where only one brand received a negative NPS, but scores for the five other surveyed brands were only slightly positive. Brand loyalty is also low, the reports show, and few doctors promote any one brand exclusively.

Overall perception is good

When asked to provide candid feedback about each brand, however, the surveyed doctors had largely positive comments, suggesting that their low level of satisfaction may not be related to product performance. Good news for brand owners.

Time for a messaging overhaul?

One way for brands to boost their lacklustre scores may be to revisit their messaging. According to both reports, few of the promotional messages associated with the surveyed brands resonate with more than 50 percent of doctors. Brand owners can use the reports' breakdowns of brand message associations to fine-tune their messaging strategies.

Winning over doctors may be easier than expected

Another piece of good news for brand owners lies in the breakdown of respondents to the Net Promoter Score question. Surveyed doctors fall into one of three categories: Promoters, who would recommend a brand to a colleagues; Detractors, who wouldn't; and Passives, who are neither Promoters nor Detractors.

Survey results show that all of the surveyed brands have more Passives than Detractors. Convincing them to bump up their ratings by the point or two needed to nudge them into the Promoters column may prove easier than trying to win over outright Detractors. The reports' brand messaging breakdowns can also be useful here by giving brand owners a guide to messages that resonate with Passives. 

Full reports are available from FirstView

These and many other insights, along with the full survey results are available from the FirstView web site, saving companies the time and expense of commissioning bespoke research from external agencies.

Interested parties can purchase and download FirstView NPS+: Haemophilia B 2017 for the US and EU5 markets directly from the FirstView reports store.

Or contact FirstView for more information by calling +1 212-220-0880 or +44(0)20.7665.9240

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