Analyst Notes: Diabetes treatments - Doctors say they're satisfied, but that's not the whole story

Diabetologists and general practitioners (GPs) in the US and EU5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) say they're satisfied with available treatments for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), but a glance at the satisfaction ratings for individual brands paints a more complicated picture.

To obtain those ratings, FirstView surveyed 100 US-based and 150 EU5-based diabetologists and general practitioners about 11 major T2DM brands: Farxiga/Forxiga, Humalog, Invokana, Januvia, Jardiance, NovoLog/NovoRapid, Tradjenta/Trajenta, Toujeo, Trulicity and Victoza. EU5 respondents were also asked about Xultophy.

The survey results, published as FirstView's NPS+ Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus [2017] reports for the US and EU5, show that satisfaction and loyalty are broadly similar in both regions.

Candid comments reveal doctors' concerns

Both the US and EU5 reports feature unique "Brand DNA" sections, collections of verbatim comments from surveyed doctors. These comments reveal a host of concerns - ranging from lack of familiarity with some brands to worries about efficacy, side effects, delivery methods and more - particularly for low-scoring brands. Brand owners can mine these insights for clues about how to tailor their messaging.

Hope for low-ranking brands

The reports' brand message analyses may also help brand owners do a better job of connecting with doctors by highlighting the promotional messages that drive the most recommendations, and resonate most with Promoters. This is key for low-ranking brands, many of which are poised for enormous market share gains if they can win over Detractors and persuade them to become Promoters. In fact, one of the lowest-ranking brands in the US and Europe stands to increase its share by as much as 700%.

Don't expect brand loyalty

Perhaps the reports' key takeaway is that, happy or not, diabetologists and GPs are not brand loyal. A small minority of US and European respondents promote one brand exclusively, whereas most physicians tend to also promote 5 or more other brands on average.

Full reports are available from FirstView

These findings, along with the full survey results are included in FirstView NPS+: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus [2017] for the US and EU5 markets. Available for direct download from the FirstView reports store, the reports offer detailed insights and side-by-side comparisons that, until now, have been available only through costly bespoke research. For more information, you may also contact FirstView by calling +1 212-220-0880 or +44(0)20.7665.9240

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