AstraZeneca's lung cancer drug may not get insurance coverage - (The Korea Herald via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to reports, AstraZeneca's lung cancer drug Tagrisso may not be awarded insurance coverage in Korea, Korea Biomedical Review reported Friday.

  • The reports noted that although Korea's Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service's (HIRA) drug reimbursement evaluation committee recognised Tagrisso as "appropriate" for health insurance coverage, AstraZeneca has not been able to reach an agreement with HIRA regarding price.

  • Observers believe that HIRA sought a price closer to that of Hanmi Pharmaceutical's Olita, while AstraZeneca contended that the safety and efficacy of Tagrisso had been better confirmed via Phase III clinical studies and regulatory approvals.

  • Although AstraZeneca is set to hold one final negotiation with HIRA, sources indicated that the drugmaker is not willing to bend on price.

  • "If we can't narrow our differences at the last negotiation, we have no other choice but to give up the insurance coverage," an AstraZeneca official acknowledged.

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