Analyst Notes: Parkinson's Disease - What more should Medical Affairs be doing?

The latest FirstView Medical Affairs Reputations report puts the performance of Parkinson's disease medical affairs teams under the microscope and delves into their reputation amongst physicians in the US and the EU5 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK).

Which drugs are benefiting from the most active and supportive teams? What interactions are hitting home with physicians and prompting high satisfaction scores? What activities are valued the most and least? Ultimately, who is providing the best medical affairs services in the Parkinson's disease market?

Neurologists currently prescribing treatments for Parkinson's disease were surveyed to assess the reputation and performance of the medical affairs teams supporting 12 leading drugs in the US, and 9 in EU5, including Apokyn/Apokinon, Azilect, Comtan, Dostinex, Duopa/Duodopa, Neupro, Requip/Requip XL, Tasmar and Xadago. The results are revealed in Medical Affairs Reputations: Parkinson's Disease (2017).

Find out how each team fares against the rest, see who the star performers are and who has more to do. Choose either the US or EU5 report for a unique insight into the minds of Parkinson's d4isease drug prescribers in your preferred market.

Physician needs and priorities

An at-a-glance view of the 'need-gap analysis' for each drug highlights the activities physicians value the most and where they are happy with the support they are getting, as well as the key areas where satisfaction could be improved. Activities are categorised into primary and secondary importance to further aid interpretation of the results.

How to interact – and how often

US survey respondents differ slightly from their EU5 counterparts when it comes to the level of support required from medical affairs professionals. While both sets of physicians want personal, face-to-face interactions, the majority of US physicians want to be visited whenever there's a new development, compared to European physicians who want to be visited quarterly.

The physicians' wish list

For all respondents, the two attributes most valued in medical affairs were a fast response to all enquiries and access to accurate scientific information (without promotional blurb). In the US, information about the clinical value of products in comparison to other treatments also featured highly, whereas support with grant applications was at the bottom of the wish list.

Pitching each team against the rest        

A key feature of the Medical Affairs Reputations report format is the EdgeMap. This offers a visual representation of competitive performance of each medical affairs team against each other, broken down by specific attributes. See instantly who leads and who lags for the core medical affairs activities, including speed of response, provision of suitable resources, proof of clinical value and thought leadership opportunities – as well as other key factors.

Full Survey Results Now Available

All this and more, including the full survey results from either the US or EU5 can be ordered online today.

Why pay more? These revealing reports provide a robust assessment of your current medical affairs team performance without the need to commission and then await the results from expensive bespoke research.

Medical Affairs Reputations: Parkinson's Disease (2017) is available now.

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