The First Take: Clinical trial design in Alzheimer's disease – KOLs speak out

FirstWord's Basharut Syed - Senior Analyst, Syndicated Reports - and Sarah Harris - Senior Analyst, Neurology and Oncology - discuss some of the key findings from a new KOL Insight: Alzheimer's Disease report.

New Report - Alzheimer's Disease: KOL Insight

Do KOLs see a future for beta-amyloid as a target in Alzheimer's disease?

Despite the inexorable attrition rate, both big pharma and small biotechs continue to invest in Alzheimer’s disease R&D. Is the amyloid hypothesis dead or could the right drug candidate, studied in an optimally designed trial, gain approval for this much sought after indication? KOLs weigh in on how trials could be optimised and what part biomarkers can play. How can we  learn from past failures? What are the chances of success for Biogen/Eisai's aducanumab and the other beta-amyloid mAbs, as well as the BACE inhibitors, in light of the chequered history of these classes? Could tau finally prove itself as a valid target? Could drugs targeting inflammatory mechanisms or serotonin receptors play a part in this narrative? Four US and seven EU KOLs offer critical insights on four marketed and 15 pipeline drugs.

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