Genmab and Johnson & Johnson 'love' partnership as some ponder takeover - (euronews via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Although some analysts believe Johnson & Johnson could consider a takeover of Genmab, the drugmakers stress that they are enjoying their current partnership, as reported euronews Thursday.

  • Genmab became Europe's largest biotech firm after Johnson & Johnson acquired Actelion earlier this year for $30 billion.

  • Johnson & Johnson currently pays Genmab a royalty of 12 to 20 percent for the cancer drug Darzalex, whose sales already exceed $1 billion.

  • Bernstein analyst Wimal Kapadia suggested that Johnson & Johnson could move to purchase Genmab to avoid royalties on Darzalex, peak sales of which are forecast to exceed $8 billion.

  • "It's one of the most successful collaborations we have," remarked Johnson & Johnson chief scientific officer Paul Stoffels, adding "we love the partnership."

  • "Our focus is to build an independent antibody innovation powerhouse and we think we can create more value for our stakeholders by staying independent than being a part of a larger entity," stated Genmab CEO Jan van de Winkel.

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