Pharma industry spent big to affect debate over drug prices - ( via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to filings with the US Internal Revenue Service, PhRMA collected $271 million in member dues and other income in 2016, up from $220 million the year before, reported

  • The group spent $7 million last year to prepare its Go Boldly advertising campaign and gave more than $2 million to several groups representing patients with various diseases, many of them dealing with high drug costs, the news source said.

  • Specifically, the American Autoimmune Related Disease Association received $260 000 from PhRMA, while the American Lung Association received $110 000, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation received $136 150, and the Lupus Foundation of America was given $253 500.

  • Meanwhile, PhRMA's state and federal lobbying spending rose by more than two-thirds from the previous year to $57 million.

  • The group also aimed spending at states where policymakers were considering drug-related measures such as price limits or greater price transparency, its latest IRS disclosure shows.

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