23andMe Launches Giant Weight-Loss Study - (MIT Technology Review via NewsPoints Desk)

  • 23andMe has initiated a large weight-loss study with a targeted enrolment of more than 100 000 people, MIT Technology Review reported Thursday.

  • The company said it will start contacting its customers this week and offer them positions in the study, which will seek to identify a link between patient's genes and dieting success.

  • 23andMe contended that previous studies seeking to link DNA to dieting outcomes did not have sufficient patient numbers to clarify genetic factors.

  • The study comes after the firm previously examined whether it could convince customers to perform at-home experiments, including a pain tolerance test.

  • In the weight-loss study, participants will be assigned to one of three diet plans, and they will provide data on how often they have cravings, feel stressed and succeed in following the diets.

  • Although the company expects people will have similar results on all plans, it hopes to uncover whether personal or genetic reasons can explain people's success or failure irrespective of the diet plans.

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