Sanofi Wins Dismissal of Antitrust Claims on Diabetes Drug - (Bloomberg via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A US federal court has dismissed a lawsuit accusing Sanofi of engaging in antitrust practices regarding its diabetes drug Lantus, Bloomberg reported.

  • In the decision, Magistrate Judge Judith Dein had reason to assert a patent on Lantus and Lantus SoloSTAR against a competing product from Eli Lilly.

  • The judge determined that the plaintiffs failed to demonstrate that Sanofi illegally extended patent protection on the drugs by listing six other patents or engaged in sham litigation against Eli Lilly.

  • The complaint alleged that Sanofi amassed $11.7 billion in monopoly profits by delaying the launch of Eli Lilly's generic competitor.

  • The judge concluded that because of the lack of clarify regarding whether Sanofi was legally required to list the new patents, the company was not unreasonable to do so under the law.

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