KOL Views: How does Keytruda’s success in Keynote-189 reshape the NSCLC playing field?

The success of Keytruda (pembrolizumab) in improving overall and progression-free survival in the Keynote-189 trial should give Merck & Co.’s push into the extremely lucrative front-line non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) setting a significant boost, and raises the bar for the handful of its closest immune-oncology competitors.

To provide FirstWord readers with rapid feedback on how Keytruda is being used in NSCLC and how that is set to change thanks to Keynote-189, we are hosting an expert call with a key opinion leader (KOL) early next week.

Key topics that will be discussed during the call include, among other things… how are you treating patients with newly diagnosed NSCLC at the moment, and how has it changed over the past six to 12 months; how impressed and/or surprised are you that Keytruda significantly prolonged overall and progression-free survival in Keynote-189; what magnitude of overall survival benefit would you find to be clinically meaningful, and what level are you hoping to see in Keynote-189; how, if at all, will the findings change your prescribing decisions – for patients with PD-L1 expression above and below 50 percent; and what are the biggest deterrents to using Keytruda (with pemetrexed and carboplatin) in first-line NSCLC?

Ask the expert!

Furthermore, we invite FirstWord Pharma readers to submit their own questions for consideration. Please click here to do so. We can't guarantee that all questions submitted will be asked due to time constraints, but we will do our utmost to cover the important issues relating to the evolving treatment paradigm in front-line NSCLC.

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