Antibiotic targeting gut bacteria may treat autoimmune disease: study - (The Economic Times via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A study published in the journal Science suggests that targeting certain gut bacteria with an antibiotic or vaccine may provide a new approach for treating chronic autoimmune conditions, as reported The Economic Times Friday.

  • In models of genetically susceptible mice, the researchers observed that in tissues outside the gut, Enterococcus gallinarum initiated the production of auto-antibodies and inflammation.

  • The researchers found that they could suppress autoimmunity in mice with an antibiotic or a vaccine aimed at E gallinarum.

  • "When we blocked the pathway leading to inflammation, we could reverse the effect of this bug on autoimmunity," said Martin Kriegel, Yale University.

  • "The vaccine against E gallinarum was a specific approach, as vaccinations against other bacteria we investigated did not prevent mortality and autoimmunity," he added.

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