AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot heralds new era of collaboration - (Cambridge Independent via NewsPoints Desk)

  • AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot touted the drugmaker's use of technology and collaborations to speed the development of new therapeutics, Cambridge Independent reported Friday.

  • The CEO noted that NiCoLA-B, the world's most advanced drug delivery robot, will be housed in AstraZeneca's 500-million-pound global R&D centre in Cambridge.

  • "Developed with our scientists, it enables us to test up to 300 000 compounds a day, which is three times faster than previous drug discovery robots," Soriot explained.

  • "Healthcare is undergoing a transformation, driven by data, computing power and smart techniques such as [artificial intelligence]," Soriot commented, adding "the life sciences sector is a key area, set to take advantage of this boom."

  • "Big data and related techniques may represent huge opportunities, but we also need to navigate with due care and attention the ethical, legal, regulatory and scientific issues that go with them," the CEO cautioned.

  • The company is specifically collaborating with Bicycle Therapeutics to develop treatments for respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

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