Sempre Health and Novo Nordisk Partner to Improve Medication Costs for Patients With Diabetes

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Sempre Health, the leading solution for behavior-based healthcare pricing, today announced it's collaborating on a pilot program with Novo Nordisk to add diabetes medications to the Sempre Health affordability & engagement solution. Unlike traditional coupons and vouchers, Sempre works with health plans to reward their membership's positive choices and actions. For example, a patient may earn a lower copay if she fills her prescription on time.

    "We are excited to combine Sempre's nuanced approach to affordability and adherence with Novo Nordisk's innovative portfolio of medications," said Anurati Mathur, CEO of Sempre Health. "Savings are seamlessly applied to patients' copays wherever they normally fill their prescriptions."

    The two companies are seeking to engage 10,000 patients with diabetes on the Sempre Health platform in 2018.

    Taking medication as prescribed, particularly diabetes medication, is tied to better clinical outcomes and reduced healthcare costs. With Sempre's text messaging-based programs and partnerships with national pharmacies, patients can finally share in the savings they generate for the system by simply following their treatment regimen.

    "This is the first of several innovations we plan to pilot to help reduce how much patients pay for their diabetes medicines at the pharmacy. And because consistently taking medicines is important for blood sugar control, we're keen to see Sempre Health's adherence approach support patients," said Steve Albers, Corporate Vice President, Market Access and Public Affairs, Novo Nordisk Inc.

    In November 2016, Novo Nordisk made a commitment to finding solutions involving pricing stability and affordability. More information can be found at

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