In The Know: Which drug brands are physicians ranking the highest in 2018?

With the first half of 2018 in the books, we’re taking a look back at how drug brands are performing across the US and key European markets.

In the last six months, over 2,000 specialist physicians were surveyed on drug satisfaction within the following disease areas: asthma/COPD, haemophilia A, haemophilia B, hepatitis C, HIV, psoriasis, renal cell carcinoma, type 2 diabetes and ulcerative colitis.

The recent research has led to competitive insights and compelling results based on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system. When asked to rate marketed therapies, US-based physicians (see Table 1) and European physicians (from the main EU5 markets of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK; see Table 2) ranked the following brands in first place in terms of overall brand satisfaction.

Table 1: Drug brands with the highest NPS scores, ranked by US physicians

Source: FirstWord NPS+ 2018

Table 2: Drug brands with the highest NPS scores, ranked by European physicians

Source: FirstWord NPS+ 2018

While a small proportion of the brands included in the research were not approved and available in both the US and Europe at the time of the research, the overall results show clear differences in brand affinity between the two regions for areas where brands are available in both regions. These rankings are just a glimpse into how and why brands are stronger in differing locations.

Conducted once a year per disease area, each round of surveys provides valuable insights on how brands are perceived by local physicians and how they stack-up against other drugs in their market. To learn more about this research and upcoming NPS-based reports, click here.

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