In The Know: Which drugs are US physicians prescribing most for MS?

Before a prescribing decision can be made, drugs face market barriers unrelated to drug safety or efficacy; factors such as cost, availability, administrative restrictions, institutional guidelines and patient preferences all come into play.

In a survey last year, 100 US-based neurologists were asked to identify how multiple sclerosis (MS) drug brands were impacted by a series of market forces. Analysis of these survey results examined parameters such as the number of physicians prescribing each brand, how physicians choose which drugs to prescribe and the market share of competing brands. The survey found that among the 12 featured brands, Copaxone was prescribed the most (by 95% of physicians polled) and Rebif was ranked a close second (at 92%) as shown in Table 1 below.

Table 1: Drug brands US physicians prescribe for MS

Source: FirstWord Market Access Impact (US) -- Multiple Sclerosis (2017)

Findings of the 2018 survey will be available in the coming days, and will show how prescribing patterns have changed over the past 12 months (click here to be notified when results are available). Brands featuring in the latest survey are shown in Table 2 below.

Table 2: Drug brands included in the 2018 survey on MS

FirstWord has conducted similar research in 14 competitive disease areas across the US and EU. Contact us to learn more.

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