Strategic Research Collaboration for the Development of Innovative Antibody Drug to Treat Autoimmune Diseases

Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation (Head Office: Osaka; President & Representative Director: Masayuki Mitsuka, “MTPC”) and Pharma Foods International Corporation (Head Office: Kyoto; President & Representative Director: Mujo Kim, “PFI”) announced that we have entered into a strategic research collaboration for the development of the innovative antibody drug to treat autoimmune diseases in October 22, 2018.
MTPC has been focusing on autoimmune diseases as a priority area, and made significant efforts to contribute to the treatment for patients who are suffering from autoimmune intractable diseases through providing drugs such as REMICADE®, SIMPONI® etc. Furthermore, MTPC has been challenging to create innovative drugs for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases through the investigation of the etiology of diseases and applying these data to the next generation of drug discovery. PFI has a proprietary technology on avian-derived monoclonal antibody (mAb) for antibody production, “ALAgene®*“, which enables PFI to create therapeutic antibodies against drug targets as antigens to be difficult to get mAb by the conventional antibody technologies. Thus, PFI recently created mAb candidates for therapeutic antibody against an innovative drug target to treat various autoimmune diseases.
MTPC and PFI will work collaboratively to improve the profile of prototype mAbs which PFI originally discovered, and then MTPC will be responsible for conducting the pharmacological efficacy study in animal experiment models to identify the clinical candidate. MTPC will provide upfront and research payment, up to ¥250 million to PFI. MTPC and PFI will additionally enter into the royalty bearing exclusive licensing agreement which prescribe right on manufacture, development and commercialize of the licensed product in the world wide. In addition, MTPC will provide milestone payment at each clinical development stages and achievement reward to PFI.
Further, PFI is currently under extensive investigation for the potential impact of this contract on PFI's consolidated business results at the fascial year of July 2019. In case that this contract will have a great impact on PFI's consolidated business results, PFI will promptly disclose about additional guidance.
MTPC and PFI will continue challenging to contribute to the patients’ health around the world through creating innovative antibody drugs that address unmet medical needs.

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