In The Know: Which CDx tests are oncologists aware of?

The advent of biomarker identification and companion diagnostics (CDx) are advancing clinical practice in treating a range of cancers, but which CDx tests are physicians aware of?

A recent wide-ranging survey of 200 cancer specialists reveals breadth of awareness, knowledge and use of CDx by physicians treating a variety of cancers.

The chart below—one of 51 charts in the survey report—shows percentages of physician awareness of CDx tests associated with specific cancer therapies by tumour type. Analysis of the results show that for Herceptin, Keytruda and Opdivo—but not necessarily Glivec—more prescribers than not know of the associated CDx test.

Rate of test knowledge for therapies used among physicians treating each tumour type

Source: FirstWord, Companion Diagnostics in Oncology (Physician Survey)

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