Cummings accuses Republicans of obstructing drug prices investigation - (ABC News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • US Representative Elijah Cummings alleged that Republican lawmakers have obstructed the House Oversight Committee's investigation into drug pricing, ABC News reported.

  • The news comes after Republican Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows issued letters to the CEOs of 12 drugmakers urging them to not participate in the probe.

  • "It is one thing to have an honest disagreement about the Committee's policy or approach—which would command respect—but it is quite another to actively obstruct an investigation in the service of placing corporate interests over those of the American people," Cummings remarked.

  • Cummings additionally dismissed accusations by Meadows and Jordan that Cummings released "sensitive information" from a whistle-blower interview.

  • "To the contrary, the information released during the security clearance investigation was carefully vetted to remove sensitive information, and it accurately set forth the concerns of a career whistle-blower who exhausted all other avenues to address these concerns internally," Cummings stated.

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