Almost Half of Young Asthma Patients Misuse Inhalers - (U.S. News & World via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to study findings published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine, almost half of young people with asthma misuse their inhalers and do not get a full dose of medicine, as reported in U.S. News & World.

  • As part of the study, investigators evaluated inhaler use among 113 children between the ages of 2 and 16 who were hospitalized for asthma.

  • Lead author Waheeda Samady said "our study suggests that as healthcare providers, we can do a better job showing patients and families the correct inhaler and spacer technique, and checking it frequently to ensure they master it."

  • She pointed out that adolescents may feel that using a spacer is only for younger children, but "using a spacer is recommended for adults as well."

  • Previous research indicates that adding a spacer to an inhaler boosts the amount of asthma medication a person takes in from 34 percent to 83 percent, the news source said.

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