This Biotech Stock Is Facing A 'Whale' As Pfizer Unveils Gene Therapy Data - (Investor's Business Daily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Instinet analyst Christopher Marai said that Sarepta Therapeutics will face a major overhang when Pfizer unveils key clinical data for its investigational gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Investor's Business Daily reported Monday.

  • Marai suggested that shares in Sarepta could climb up to 20%-30% or fall by 10%-15% based on the findings.

  • Later this week, Pfizer is expected to unveil early-stage results for its gene therapy in six patients.

  • Marai noted that although both Sarepta and Pfizer are likely to highlight how much dystrophin patients show, the locations of patient biopsies and patient ages will likely differ.

  • Marai predicted that Pfizer's presentation will lift an overhang for Sarepta stock "as it will likely yield further [though limited] competitive clarity," continuing "however, we look to the Phase III plans to best inform the potential competitive threat to Sarepta."

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