AstraZeneca Biopharma President Talks Drug Rebates, Pricing - (TheStreet via NewsPoints Desk)

  • AstraZeneca Biopharmaceuticals president Ruud Dobber suggested that the government's decision to withdraw its plan targeting rebates could negatively affect drugmakers, TheStreet reported Thursday.

  • "It's a clear disappointment for us as an industry and for us as a company that the rebates will still remain in place because we firmly believe that removing the rebates was one of the potential solutions in order to reduce the out of pocket cost to many Americans," Dobber said.

  • "That being said, we still have a couple of other solutions and we are an active dialogue with the administration in order to pursue those solutions," Dobber added.

  • "We believe medicines are part of the solution to controlling healthcare costs," Dobber remarked, continuing "they not only improve patient outcomes and increase quality of life, but also reduce downstream costs by keeping people healthy and out of the hospital. This contribution to reducing overall healthcare costs should be considered when discussing drug pricing."

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