UTI discovery may lead to new treatments - (ScienceDaily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • New research may lead to more effective treatments for patients with recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs), reported ScienceDaily.

  • The study followed a long-term recurrent UTI patient, using genetic analysis to find out whether the infection came from a single bacterial "reservoir" in the body. The team isolated E. coli from the patient's urine during repeat infections and determined its entire DNA sequence.

  • Researcher Scott Beatson said the analysis showed the bacteria causing recurring UTIs were identical, adding "this was proof...her infections did indeed originate from a common reservoir."

  • "We also sequenced the DNA of E. coli recovered from the patient's faecal samples," he said, and these bacteria "were the same as those that caused the recurring UTI, proving that the woman had a persistent reservoir of E. coli residing in her intestine...the source of her infections."

  • "We now know that bacteria can reside in the intestine for very long periods and cause recurring UTIs, despite antibiotic treatment," Beatson said.

  • He suggested that "it's time we consider using antibiotics that will not just treat the UTI in the bladder, but also eliminate the infection reservoir in the intestine that seeds recurrent infection."

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