Sarepta's Lone Analyst Skeptic Takes On 22 Bulls With Renewed Warnings - (Bloomberg via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Oppenheimer's Hartaj Singh remains skeptical of Sarepta's valuation, aspirations and the lack of disclosures, which came to a head after one of its drugs was cited in a government database tracking adverse events, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

  • "People are puzzled with why the data hasn't been presented" by a person that is not associated with the company, said Singh.

  • Sarepta spokeswoman noted that "the study is ongoing and blinded and will remain blinded -- and that is why the data haven’t been presented."

  • The recent safety posting followed Sarepta's announcement that it was increasing the number of patients in a closely watched trial and delaying the start of a study that would use commercial scale of its gene therapy.

  • A key for bullish investors had been the drug’s superior safety profile and more proof of clinical benefit versus competitors such as Pfizer and Solid Biosciences, but Singh noted that Sarepta has only treated "four boys over the last few years."

  • Potential regulatory clearance is not likely until late 2021 if Sarepta gets accelerated approval, or could take until 2023 while the company gathers more data, Singh said, adding that "the gap between Sarepta and Pfizer is probably in months as opposed to the current thinking that it’s in years."

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