Amgen and Genentech agree to settle patent litigation over Neupogen and Neulasta

Amgen agreed to give Genentech a one-time payment to settle patent litigation over its Neupogen and Neulasta, which Genentech claimed infringed on its patents for the technology used to make them, news sources report.

The two drugs are expected to bring in $2.4 billion to $2.6 billion in sales this year, Amgen said in July. Under the lawsuit, which was originally filed in 1996, Genentech said that Amgen had infringed on three of its patents for the genetic engineering used to produce the human proteins that are needed to manufacture the two drugs.

As part of the settlement, the two companies will drop all claims against each other and, along with the one-time payment to Genentech, Amgen also will not licence any of Genentech's patents. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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