Roche to sell most Zenapax rights back to Protein Design Labs

Protein Design Labs agreed to pay Roche $80 million to buy back most of the rights to Zenapax, news sources report.

In repurchasing the rights to the drug, the deal inked in 1989 between the two companies, which licenced the drug to Roche, is restructured. Under the current agreement, Roche will retain the rights to the drug for use in preventing organ transplant rejection and Protein Design will regain the rights to all other uses of the drug. Roche said it would continue to develop Zenapax for organ transplant use until 2007, a news source reports.

Protein Design is exploring Zenapax's use in the treatment of bowel diseases and is currently conducting a Phase II study of the drug as a treatment for moderate-to-severe ulcerative colitis. It also has plans to test the drug's use in severely asthmatic patients and will have data from a Phase II trial for this indication early next year.

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