Enzyme research could one day help control diabetes, obesity - (The Vancouver Sun via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to a study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, scientists have mapped the molecular structure of two of the four enzyme activities in the intestinal lining, which could have implications for the treatment of diabetes and other diseases, as reported in The Vancouver Sun.
  • Five months ago, the team mapped the structure of the first starch digesting enzyme called maltase-glucoamylase. In the new work, the researchers mapped the enzyme sucrase-isomaltase, and have been able to compare the two.
  • By mapping the enzymes, scientists can look for ways to manipulate them in order to control diet-induced disorders, such as diabetes and obesity.
  • Mario Pinto, who was part of the team, commented: "We've created three dimensional structural models of the glucosidases that have led to the design of new molecules that can selectively turn the glucosidases on and off. One day, these inhibitors could be sprinkled on to food in a powder form to control starch digestion."
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