Pfizer biotech drug tops placebo in knee pain trial - (FinanzNachrichten via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to clinical trial data presented at the EULAR congress, Pfizer's experimental drug tanezumab was significantly better at reducing knee pain than placebo at all three tested doses in a late-stage trial, as reported on FinanzNachrichten.
  • Mark Brown, who is leading the drug's arthritis clinical development programme for Pfizer commented: "What we've seen so far in terms of Phase II trials and this first Phase III trial has impressed upon us that this drug has some extraordinary efficacy benefits," adding that the "drug will ultimately prove itself to be superior to exiting therapies for osteoarthritis."
  • The 690 patients in the Phase III study were either unwilling or unable to take standard pain killers, such as NSAIDs or Pfizer's Celebrex. The trial also enrolled patients who did not get sufficient relief from those drugs or those who were candidates for knee surgery.
  • After 16 weeks, patients in all three tanezumab groups had statistically significant improvements compared with placebo in the primary goals of pain measurement and physical function, Pfizer noted. Those receiving the lowest does of tanezumab on average reported pain reduced by 3.15 points, while the 5 mg group had pain cut by 3.26 points, and the pain level fell by 3.62 points in the 10 mg group. Patients who took placebo reported an average drop of 2.42 points.
  • Pfizer is also investigating tanezumab compared with the pain drug Aleve (naproxen), with data expected later this year. It is also being tested against other opioid pain drugs to better show its efficacy compared with commonly used arthritis treatments.
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