French Drugmakers Say State Pricing Policy May Hamper Industry - (Bloomberg via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Christian Lajoux, head of Les Enterprises du Medicament, said France’s drugmakers are concerned that the country’s government may cut pharmaceutical prices further this year, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.
  • “It’s hard to be optimistic for 2012, given the budget deficit, a financial crisis that continues and public debt that keeps on rising,” Lajoux said, adding that “the financial crisis has a direct impact on the way the governments handle reimbursement for medicines.”
  • French Finance Minister Francois Baroin has said the government won’t back down from a policy of containing medical spending, noting that the government’s target for a balanced budget in 2016 is “untouchable.”
  • French policy has “already hit a bit too hard on drugmakers with price cuts last year,” Lajoux said, adding that “if we cut prices further, there will be damage in the industry,” and some small or medium-sized healthcare companies may be forced to shut down plants or fire employees.
  • Les Enterprises du Medicament, which represents more than 270 drug manufacturers operating in France, will work to “keep the dialogue open” with government officials on the “strategic importance” of the industry, Lajoux said.

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