Daiichi Sankyo Announces Organizational Restructuring as of April 1, 2012

Tokyo, Japan (March 7, 2012) - Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited (hereafter; Daiichi Sankyo), today announced the following organizational changes taking place from April 1, 2012.


I. Corporate organization

Corporate (the global corporate office and Japan Company Administration Division) will be integrated and divided by category based on function into the Corporate Strategy Division, the Corporate Management Division, the General Affairs & Human Resources Division and the Legal Affairs & CSR Division to consolidate organizational functions and enhance closer cooperation. By increasing coordination of local/global and short/mid to long-term, Daiichi Sankyo seeks to ensure high-level linkage among the four divisions and realize the full application of Corporate's resources.

1) Corporate Strategy Division

The Corporate Strategy Division will be created to consolidate mid to long-term business planning and the strategic planning and promotion functions. The division will comprise the Corporate Strategy Department (new), the Business Development & Licensing Department, the Global Brand Strategy Department (new), and the Intellectual Property Department.

Creation of the Corporate Strategy Department

This department will plan Group management and business strategy and provide unified strategic support for corporate heads to improve coordination within the Group.

Creation of the Global Brand Strategy Department

This department will integrate product strategy and the function of the current Global Marketing Department. It will seek to optimize the value of global products with a wide-ranging business plan that includes strategic planning and promotion beyond marketing. With the creation of this new department, the current Global Marketing Department will be phased out.

2) Corporate Management Division

The Corporate Management Division will consolidate the functions, centered around annual corporate planning and business strategy, which promote effective management of the challenges faced by the Group in addition to effective utilization of Group resources . The unit will comprise the Corporate Business Management Department (reorganized), the Finance & Accounting Department, the Corporate Communications Department and the IT Strategy Department (reorganized).

① Reorganization of the Corporate Business Management Department

The current Business Management Staff and Japan Company Administration Division functions will be reorganized with the aim of controlling budget and performance management for each business in and outside of Japan and ensuring comprehensive management of Group companies in and outside of Japan.

② Reorganization of the IT Strategy Department

The current IT Strategy Staff and Japan Company IT Strategy Department functions will be integrated and reorganized into the IT Strategy Department.

3) General Affairs & Human Resources Division

The General Affairs & Human Resources Division will be set up to consolidate promotion of personnel management to support implementation of corporate planning and business strategy, and organizational functions dealing with planning facilities and sourcing. The division will comprise the Human Resources Department (reorganized), the General Affairs & Procurement Department (reorganized), and the Secretariat Department.

① Reorganization of the Human Resources Department

This department will integrate and reorganize the current Human Resources Strategy Staff function and Japan Company's Human Resources Department.

Reorganization of the General Affairs & Procurement

This department will integrate and reorganize the current Corporate Business Management Staff function and Japan Company's Administration Division Procurement Planning Group.

4) Legal Affairs & CSR Division

The Legal Affairs & CSR Division will be created to consolidate the functions of legal, contracting, internal control, compliance and CSR implementation. The new division consists of the Legal Affairs Department and the CSR Department. The Internal Audit Department, which is directly supervised by the CEO, will coordinate as necessary with this department in order to ensure information sharing for smooth business operations.

① Creation of the CSR Department

The CSR Department will integrate the functions of the current CSR Staff, CSR Management Group of the General Affairs Department, and the Legal & Compliance Group of the Legal Affairs Department to enhance total management of CSR.

II. Japan Company

Japan Company is specialized for sales of innovative pharmaceuticals in Japan. The sales structure will include domestic pharmaceuticals, established drugs (DSEP) and the vaccine businesses.

1) Creation of the Japan Business Management Department

With the integration of the global corporate office and Japan Company's Corporate Management Division, this department will be created as a staff organization for the company president to perform operations planning, budget procurement and management

2) Business Intelligence Division

① Restructuring of the Post Marketing Studies Management Department

The function of the Product Lifecycle Management Department will be transferred to the Post Marketing Studies Management Department, and the Product Lifecycle Management will be phased out.

3) Sales and Marketing Division

The current functions of the Sales Planning Department, Product Marketing Department and Promotion Management Department will be organized into the Sales Planning Department and the Marketing Department. Also, the Training & Information Department will be created to enhance the corporate function which carries out advanced promotion of MR activities and deal with increasing regulations on sales.

① Creation of the Training & Information Department

The Training & Information Department will handle human resources training, product-related training, and media communications.

4) Creation of the Vaccine Business Development Office

The Vaccine Business Development Office will be created to handle planning and promotion for the growing vaccine business.

5) Creation of the Vaccine Business Strategy Department

The Vaccine Business Strategy Department will be created to coordinate the growing vaccine business with Group companies.

Name change for Vaccine Business Strategy Department

The Vaccine Business Planning Department will be transferred from the Business Intelligence Division and renamed the Vaccine Business Strategy Department.

III. ASCA Company

1) Name change for the Business Planning Department

The name of the current Japanese Business Management Department will be changed to the Business Planning Department in line with added focus on ASCA regional business strategy.

IV. Global Function Departments

1) R&D Division

The current research head and Japan development head will be reorganized as the Research Oversight Function and the Japan Development Oversight Function to separate and clarify the responsibilities of the research and development fields in the R&D Division while boosting autonomy and ability to respond quickly.


1) Dissolution of the Sales & Marketing Division

With the strengthened authority of corporate, the Sales & Marketing Division will be phased out to speed up decision making, flatten out the organizational hierarchy and strengthen upper management.

2) Creation of the Corporate Management Department

The Japanese Business Management Department and Sales Administration Department will be combined to form the Corporate Management Department to remove overlap in responsibilities, boost efficiency, and ensure functional enhancement.


1) Creation of Direct Marketing Office

With the start of the direct marketing business, the Direct Marketing Office will be created with different functions from the retail marketing business to ensure rapid strategy formulation and implementation.

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