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Embracing Digital Disruption in Pharma for Commercial Success

Tech giants and medical startups are upending healthcare business models faster than ever. Pharma needs to stop fearing digital disruption and start harnessing it for commercial success. Find out how innovative technologies can add value to everything from customer experience to physician engagement to clinical trials. Plus, learn how embracing digital solutions can transform Pharma, how to choose a chief digital officer (CDO) to lead the transition, and how to forge successful partnerships with tech companies.

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Pursuing the Patient Centric Model

Pharma companies have been talking about putting patients first for more than a decade, but attempts to put that philosophy into practice have been inconsistent, and results difficult to measure. Maybe that’s because there’s no agreed-upon definition of patient-centricity, and it’s hard to measure what you can’t define. In this free report, experts weigh in on what patient centricity means, explain which pharma functions can benefit the most from patient input, and reveal a practical approach to measuring results.

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Centralizing Medical Content to Achieve a Single Source of Truth

Medical affairs plays a strategic role as "the voice of life sciences organizations" when communicating accurate clinical data to healthcare professionals. This whitepaper explores the utility of scientific content and how a medical content management solution speeds the creation, approval, and delivery of medical content.

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AGILE IRT: Improving Quality and Efficiency..

Historically, IRT study build processes followed a sequential, waterfall approach that introduced extra costs, time and—most importantly—errors that can affect the ability to launch the study on time or run the study as efficiently as possible. While incremental improvements seen so far in the industry are both welcome and meaningful, it is necessary for a broad change across the industry to fully embrace an agile approach to IRT and the benefits that will ultimately accrue to the sites running studies and their patients. Download our white paper and learn how to improve quality and efficiency in the study build process.

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The State of Pharma Marketing

This report will examine pharma's current capabilities in multichannel marketing (MCM) and the progress it has made towards developing truly integrated, customer-customer centric solutions that deliver an experience that meets the needs of each individual stakeholder. Original research in the form of in depth interviews with pharma marketing experts will be augmented with insights drawn from other recent FirstWord research into pharma MCM.

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Biosimilars: Market Shaping Events, Issues and Trends

Get an up to date snapshot of the fast-changing Biosimilars landscape. Packed with vital insights for manufacturers, this must-read report reveals the top factors impacting Biosimilar adoption, the biggest challenges facing manufacturers, and the five things your company must do to achieve long-term success in the US and European pharmaceutical markets. You’ll also learn who the key players are, get a summary of important regulatory changes, and hear regulators’ latest thinking about critical issues.

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The Future of MSL-KOL Engagement

The role of medical science liaison (MSL) has never been more important, or more challenging. Staying up to date with new scientific research and medical developments is daunting enough, but MSLs must also distil that data into relevant insights for information-hungry, outcomes driven KOLs. All while complying with increasingly stringent regulations. This free report lays out the biggest challenges MSLs are facing, and reveals the skills they must have to successfully engage KOLs in the coming years.

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The State of Multichannel Marketing

If you think multichannel marketing means pushing the same message out to multiple channels, you’ve got it all wrong. A true multichannel strategy is about understanding what your customers need, knowing where they go to find trusted information, and engaging them with context-appropriate tools and content. This report shows you how successful pharma marketers create seamless, personalised cross-channel experiences that engage doctors, patients, and payers by giving them the right resources in the right channels at the right time.

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Value-Based Healthcare: Making it happen

Pharma companies have the capabilities, and expertise, to play a key role in value-base healthcare (VBHC). Now they must win over sceptical healthcare providers and other stakeholders. The case studies in this report from FirstWord and Vintura reveal how 3 innovative companies found their place in the VBHC landscape. They’ve forged partnerships that build strong relationships, create value for stakeholders, and, most importantly, improve outcomes for patients. Find out how they did it, and what they learned along the way.

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