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How is ICER really impacting pharma/payer relations

How is the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) influencing payer behavior? ICER's assessment and price benchmarking data are valued by payers but, for now, are not central to their decision making. For some, ICER's methodology is seen as a blunt instrument which fails to take into account the commercial complexities of drug pricing and reimbursement. Nevertheless, payers are not slow to bring into play ICER's assessments if it suits their purpose. So how can pharma respond when ICER's assessments are referenced by payers? ICER is becoming a force in pharma/payer relations and manufacturers need clear policies and procedures for responding to their influence. To help shape your strategy we interviewed experienced US payers with direct ICER experience. In The Rise of ICER – The Payer Perspective they outline the key issues and attitudes that shape payer thinking and thereby reveal the proactive steps pharma can undertake to mitigate risk. Find out more >>

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