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Working with ICER: issues and strategies for pharma

The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) is gaining a growing reputation with US payers. While ICERs reviews are advisory, and many will point to perceived weaknesses in its processes and methodology, the organization is becoming ever more influential in shaping stakeholder discussions and payer negotiations. ICER has signalled its willingness to work with manufacturers when assessing drugs, so how can pharma best engage and what can they contribute? Whether you see ICER as an irritant or a force for good it is an established part of the US market landscape and manufacturers need clear strategies for engaging with, or responding to, ICER drug assessments. To help you shape your ICER strategy we interviewed, in April and May 2020, pharma industry experts with direct ICER experience. In Engaging with ICER: Lessons and insights for pharma they outline the key issues and opportunity/danger areas plus the practical constructive steps pharma can take.
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