Bitter pill: Indian regulator cracks down on overpriced drugs - (BusinessWeek via NewsPoints Desk)

  • India's National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has issued overcharging notices to drugmakers who ignored price ceilings laid down by the regulator, as reported in BusinessWeek.
  • The government has found 37 cases of overcharging of medicine prices by companies, involving a penalty of nearly R130 crore.
  • The NPPA issued notices to companies including Aurbindo Pharma, Aventis, Lucent Biotech, Claris Life Science and Ipca Labs, as well as others.
  • "These cases pertain to drugs whose prices are controlled under the government's drug price control order, and where companies were not adhering to the price specified by the NPPA," said CP Singh, NPPA chairman.
  • The drugs in which overcharging has been detected include drugs such as Combiflam, Doxyl, Zclox, Aroflox and Butafen.
  • Of the 37 firms in question, Astalife and Claris Life Sciences have filed suits, while 15 firms have not yet replied to notices.

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