Launching of CanCELL cell lines, featuring knock-out of the major cancer relevant oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes

PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Regulatory News:

CELLECTIS (Paris:ALCLS): CanCELL™ cell lines are featuring gene knock-outs of the major cancer relevant oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. This new product line answers identified market needs in oncology research and drug discovery.

CanCELL™ cell lines were generated by applying Cellectis bioresearch proprietary TALEN™ technology on the most commonly used cell lines for colorectal and lung cancer studies. Gene selection was based on clinically validated cancer pathways and focuses on most common cancer diseases.

CanCELL™ offers unparalleled opportunities to study signaling pathways, gene function and to develop functional assays in a common genetic background. It represents a unique tool for drug positioning in cancer pathways and identification of novel personalized drugs. CanCELL™ allows the evaluation of the relationship between drug efficacy and pathway activation/ inactivation or the set-up of primary screening (siRNA, shRNA, drug candidates) to identify synthetic lethal interactions.

All CanCELL™ knock-out cell lines are derived from the same parental cell line guaranteeing true isogeny and are authenticated though STR-analysis.

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About Cellectis bioresearch

Established in 2008 as a subsidiary of Cellectis, Cellectis bioresearch provides life sciences researchers with genome customization tools and services, such as the award-winning Custom TALEN™ Services. The company also develops and markets genetically customized cells with characteristics and performances adapted to three main markets: drug discovery, gene function studies and protein production.

About Cellectis

Founded in France in 1999, the Cellectis Group is based on a highly specific DNA engineering technology. Its application sectors are human health, agriculture and bio-energies. Co-created by André Choulika, its Chief Executive Officer, Cellectis is today one of the world leading companies in the field of genome engineering. Cellectis is also focused on pluripotent stem cells and technology for drug discovery research, toxicity testing and regenerative medicine. Cellectis leverages a deep experience in stem cell handling, scale-up and differentiation into mature and functional human cells. The Group has a workforce of 230 employees working on 5 sites worldwide: Paris & Evry in France, Gothenburg in Sweden, St Paul (Minnesota) & Cambridge (Massachusetts) in the United States. Cellectis achieved in 2011 €16M revenues and has signed more than 80 industrial agreements with pharmaceutical laboratories, agrochemical and biotechnology companies since its inception. AFM, Dupont, BASF, Bayer, Limagrain, Novo Nordisk… are some of the Group's clients and partners. Since 2007, Cellectis has been listed on NYSE-Euronext Alternext market (code: ALCLS) in Paris.

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