Oral insulin will open up new market: Biocon - (Business Line via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Biocon said that its tie-up with Bristol Myers-Squibb is on track to deliver an oral insulin drug in India within three years, as reported Business Line.
  • Biocon is working with Mylan under an agreement to develop and market an insulin drug derived from Sanofi’s Lantus.
  • Biocon’s Chairman and Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar Shaw said that "Biocon and Mylan are developing a portfolio of biosimilar drugs… Herceptin is one. Another is Avastin."
  • Shaw noted that the company is expecting 20 percent of its overall business revenue to stem from biosimilars by 2018, a majority of which will be diabetic drugs.
  • Biocon reportedly holds 15-20 percent market share in the Indian insulin market, which is estimated at Rs 750 crore.

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