Petition Calls On Roche To Cut Breast Cancer Drug Price - (Business Insider via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A petition with 29 000 signatures is urging Roche to lower the price of its breast cancer drug Kadcyla, as reported Business Insider.
  • The UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence estimates that the therapy, which prolongs survival by about six months, costs about 90 000 per patient.
  • Roche argued that the price reflects the benefits of the therapy, while also disputing the price quote by NICE.
  • NICE calculated the drug's price based on the mean treatment course of 14.5 months, while Roche argues that the median duration of treatment in clinical trials, 9.6 months, is more relevant.
  • Kadcyla consists of the antibody featured in Roche's Herceptin conjugated with a drug that is delivered directly into tumour cells.

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