US officials unveil plan to test Ebola drugs - (ABC News via NewsPoints Desk)

  • US authorities have developed a plan to test multiple investigational Ebola therapies such as ZMapp simultaneously to quickly identify which drugs are effective, as reported ABC News Wednesday.
  • "There's this tremendous urge to want to give people these experimental therapies" but it's crucial to make sure they don't do harm, said FDA official Edward Cox.
  • Meanwhile, Cathy Roth of the World Health Organization revealed that 10 experimental vaccines have been developed, with two of them, including one from GlaxoSmithKline, expected to be read for mid- and late-stage testing in December or January.
  • Tulane University Lina Moses noted that the collateral damage of Ebola includes the refusal of doctors in affected countries to perform Caesarean sections on pregnant women because of the potential exposure to blood.
  • The number of new cases appears to be declining in some areas of Liberia, although doctors believe that the decline may indicate that fewer patients are seeking treatment after seeing the corpses of diseased family members burned instead of buried, according to Doctors Without Borders doctor Armand Sprecher.
  • "I would really like to believe that things are slowing down there but I'm not going to get too optimistic yet," Sprecher remarked.

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