Ebola nurse to get experimental drug - (The Courier-Mail via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to the doctor of a UK nurse who contracted Ebola in Africa, the woman is being treated with convalescent plasma taken from the blood of a recovered patient and an experimental antiviral drug, as reported in The Courier-Mail.
  • The doctor said the nurse is "as well as we can hope for at this stage of the illness," adding "she's had the treatment, it's gone very smoothly, no side-effects at all."
  • He noted that the hospital was not able to obtain the anti-Ebola therapy ZMapp, used to treat a fellow UK nurse who has since recovered, because "there is none in the world at the moment."
  • The doctor added that "although it's been used in a handful of patients, we simply don't know if ZMapp works and is of benefit to patients."

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