Drug overlaps, shortages may complicate Teva bid for Mylan - (CNBC via NewsPoints Desk)

  • According to industry experts and a review of regulatory filings, a merger between Teva and Mylan would create a company controlling nearly 25 percent of the US generics market, including drugs in short supply, as reported by CNBC.
  • Wells Fargo analyst Michael Faerm estimates a Teva-Mylan combination would account for 22 percent of US prescriptions, while Morningstar Research analyst Michael Waterhouse anticipates the figure would be about 25 percent of the retail generic market, which is about $31 billion.
  • However, Teva markets more than 50 percent of the US generic products also sold by Mylan, noted Louise Pearson, an analyst with Berenberg Bank, citing data from IMS Health.
  • Sources familiar with the matter say Teva has already analysed the overlap between its portfolio and Mylan's, which includes 375 and 360 generic products, respectively, and has started talks with the US Federal Trade Commission about the possible merger.
  • Meanwhile, the FDA considers more than 70 drugs to be in short supply, of which at least three are made by both Teva and Mylan, notably doxorubicin injections for cancer patients, haloperidol injections for psychiatric patients, and the antibiotic injection tobramycin.

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