Amgen, Novartis Battle in Court on Copycat Version of Neupogen - (Bloomberg via NewsPoints Desk)

  • A US appeals court has begun hearing arguments on Amgen's challenge attempting to block the launch of Novartis' biosimilar of the cancer drug Neupogen, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.
  • Amgen lawyer Nick Groombridge stated that the ruling will be "integral to how the regime is going to work going forward."
  • Novartis was granted marketing authorisation by the FDA to launch the Neupogen biosimilar Zarxio in March, while the appeals indicated that the therapy cannot be marketed until the case concludes.
  • The case is expected to provide guidance for other companies developing biosimilars, including Celltrion, which is developing a biosimilar of Johnson & Johnson’s arthritis drug Remicade.
  • Neupogen amassed $839 million in revenue last year, although sales of the therapy have been declining as Amgen has switched patients to the newer Neulasta.

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