New information about bacterial enzymes to help scientists develop more effective antibiotics, cancer drugs - (Science Daily via NewsPoints Desk)

  • Research data published in the PNAS provide new information about the functions of bacterial enzymes that could aid in the development of more effective antibiotics and cancer treatments, Science Daily reported Friday.
  • In the study, the researchers focused on understanding the specificity of enzymes in Streptomyces species that are responsible for the production of clinically useful compounds such as migrastatin and oxazolomycin.
  • "If we understand the specificity of these processes, we will be able to engineer the enzymes to accept other chemical molecules, opening the door to new treatments for some of our most challenging diseases," remarked study author Andrzej Joachimiak.
  • "In order to do that we need to understand the specificity of this 'enzymatic assembly line'…we need to know which part we need to place, and do it in a rational and specific manner, to synthesise the designer compounds," noted study author commented study Ben Shen of the Scripps Research Institute.

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