FirstWord Lists: The 100 best selling pharmaceutical brands

The one hundred biggest selling pharmaceutical products generated combined sales of $265 billion in 2015.

The ten largest products generated combined sales of over $80 billion.

There are currently two product franchises which generate sales in excess of $10 billion – Gilead's Harvoni and AbbVie's Humira – and 14 drugs which currently generate global sales in excess of $5 billion.

When added together, combined sales for Gilead's Harvoni and Sovaldi hepatitis C franchises generated sales of $19 billion. These two drugs accounted for 59 percent of Gilead's total revenues in 2015, while Humira accounted for 61 percent of AbbVie's revenue in 2015.

Harvoni is not only currently the best-selling drug on the list but also one of the newest launches. Other 'new-generation' hepatitis C drugs, including Sovaldi and AbbVie's Viekira Pak, fall into this category.

Other top 100 products launched within the past few years include Tecfidera (Biogen, multiple sclerosis), Xarelto (Bayer/J&J, anticoagulant), Eliquis (Bristol-Myers Squibb, anticoagulant), Stribild (Gilead, HIV), Eylea (Regeneron/Bayer, AMD), Invokana (J&J, diabetes) and Xtandi (Astellas/Medivation, prostate cancer).

A number of prominent drug franchises are marketed by two or more companies on a global basis. Adding together their constituent sales (from the top 100 list) showcases the performance of these brands. For example: Enbrel (Amgen/Pfizer) at $8.7 billion, Eylea (Regeneron/Bayer) at $4 billion, Lucentis (Roche/Novartis) at $3.6 billion and Remicade (Johnson & Johnson/Merck & Co.) at $8.3 billion.

Johnson & Johnson has more products in the top 100 than another company with nine. Bristol-Myers Squibb, Novartis and Roche each have eight, Amgen has seven and Gilead has six.

However, Gilead generates the most revenues from its selection of drugs in the list ($29 billion), followed by Roche ($28 billion) and J&J ($20 billion).

Those drugs in the top 100 indicated for the treatment of autoimmune conditions generated combined sales of $39 billion, or 15 percent of the total. Oncology accounted for the largest proportion by disease area at $52 billion (20 percent), with diabetes ($29 billion or 11 percent) and hepatitis C ($22 billion or 8 percent) featuring prominently.

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